Educational Programs

Kids’ Club serves as a means to educate children, including those not registered with the school, for the future improvement of society. Lessons are focused less on academics, and more on lifestyle (i.e.193(2) lessons on respect, litter disposal, and hygiene). This project is continued monthly without missionaries, led by the church elders in:
-Bible stories and verses
-Healthy competition
-Leadership building

Scholarships are given by committed sponsors for individual students’ education, beginning at the primary level. Contributions will fund for books, uniforms, and teacher salary. In return, sponsors will receive updates on their child(ren) and gain the opportunity to correspond.

Progressive Training is building schools from primary all the way to vocational and university settings. Because the students are now educated in the single-room church building, we hope to build a primary school with academically trained teachers in order to promote quality modern education. As the school grows, this will segue into a secondary school, and then to vocational and university academic settings.

Agriculture Advancement away from archaic practices can elongate the lives of animal stock and multiply local crop harvest. Farmers in Jean Rabel do no35t have the current knowledge it takes to build an irrigation system or to produce a natural fertilizer. Foreign experts in agriculture can help to enlighten them in these areas, as well as teach them about exportation and profitability of their harvest, thereby stimulating their economy.