Discussing over the Jean Rabel radio on the topic: "Do we need God to build a city, or not?"

Discussing over the Jean Rabel radio on the topic: “Do we need God to build a city, or not?”

Development, the focal point for Voice of Jean Rabel, is the ongoing process of empowering the community to lead and sustain their newly enhanced environment themselves. After the necessary programs have been launched and continued for some time, almost all of our work will be in the area of long term development, versus emergency relief or recovering rehabilitation. Community members will continue to grow closer to God as they see the fruit of His work in their lives. Unity within Jean Rabel will bind tighter and tighter as they experience a growing economy and increase in opportunities. Individuals will have a stronger sense of self as they live out their God given gifts, talents, and abilities to meet the needs of His Kingdom.

As our Progressive Training develops, more of Jean Rabel’s citizens will be qualified to work and able to make an impact on their community. Teachers, pastors, and other professionals will have special training opportunities to enhance their careers, such as in one of the Local Health Centers. Collaboration in performing arts such as dance, music, and theatre can heighten creativity not only within the Jean Rabel, but within groups of missionaries. As businesses grow and Agricultural Advancement takes place, their market will be further empowered to sell, buy, and trade with foreign interests. There are endless possibilities with God, and we will continue to heed His leading voice!